My whole life has been spent in school. From age 6 through now, I have never left school. And I have a little secret, I love it. I absolutely love my profession, but loathe my job. I am a teacher. I teach math in Old Fort, Ohio.

I am a teacher because I cherish the responsibility and burden of trying to push my students to become the highest expression of their talent that they can achieve. I am a hoper and dreamer. I am also a cynic, perhaps I am pragmatic idealist, if I am being optimistic.

So what exactly can you find here? I have thoughts on policy. I have thoughts on learning. I have thoughts on just about every educational topic possible. In general, just about anything involving education could be on here. It would be easier to just describe what won’t be here. Anything else is fair game.

  1. You won’t find explanations of mathematical concepts. I think the role of teachers in the lives of students should transcend the topics taught in school. Besides there are many great resources out there for struggling with math. PartickJMT has good math videos, and of course there is always the Khan Academy. They do much better than I could at making instructional information available online.
  2. You won’t find a detailed list of the specifics of math class. Yes, there will be general ideas posted, but there will be no nitty gritty details of what is being explicitly taught on any given day. No schedules, no testing dates, no assignments.
  3. You won’t find many wonderful instructional ideas. I excel at the art of being a contrarian. I don’t offer solutions, no soundbite inspirational quotes. I am good at pointing out flaws, but seeing potential.

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