I am a financial services professional. In other words I talk about money, well mostly your money. But I haven’t always been in the financial industry. My first twelve years after college I was a teacher, specifically a math teacher.

In April of 2017 I decided to walk away and try something different. I was in no shape to perform a career change and need something quickly. Financial services is one of the few professions left that doesn’t require a specific bachelors degree and has entry barriers that are relatively low compared to other white collar professions. Consequently, the attrition rate is atrocious, which makes me terrified.

That’s where I hope this blog will help. My plan is to document the experiences that I am going through, not just to share them with the world, but to hopefully keep myself accountable. Writing is a way to reflect upon my practices and forces me to think about ways that I can improve.

Let the saga begin.

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